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Marine and Offshore industry has complex and time-bound travel requirements which our specialized team is ready handle.

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Are you active in the shipping industry? Then our specialized Maritime Travel department will book the best maritime tickets for you. The current economy necessitates that travel programs in the Marine and Offshore sectors be stress-tested and revised regularly to uncover cost savings. Furthermore, we are aware that any organization functioning in this field must prioritize safety and security. We recognize that, in light of recent market shifts, creating efficiencies in trip booking and lowering internal expenses is a critical demand. We are always on standby to handle all your Marine Travel needs.

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Want to know more about how our products and services help businesses save more while enjoying the highest standards of quality? Get in touch with us now and one of our Key Account Managers will give you a free assessment of your organization’s travel program and how you can enhance it.

Shipping is a global business, and our geographic reach enables us to be responsive to our customers’ needs wherever their vessels are in the world and in any time zone. The marine industry can be unpredictable and the flexibility to respond quickly and professionally when the need arises is critical and Elite Travel will handle it for you.

Let us Take Care of it.

When it comes to marine and offshore travel needs, the unexpected is to be expected. We’re here to take care of any storms on the horizon for example weather problems, an unexpected hospitalization, you want to know whether your employee is safe or can be brought to safety, keeping track of your reservations, etc. We will be there for you through every expected and unexpected scenario. From a single independent professional who wishes to travel knowing that help is available 24×7, to international corporations with several passengers in need of travel management. Our professional and highly experienced staff with 24×7 service can help you and your employees in case of emergency and we take your duty of care out of your hands.

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We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in managing business travel and related services for corporates of all structures and sizes.

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